Here’s why.

Here’s why this particular blog, I mean.

I do a lot of things. For thirty some odd years I have made my living designing and helping build media systems for broadcasters, colleges, government agencies and companies. It’s fascinating, challenging, technical creative work that I really like. Along those thirty years I’ve developed a lot of good skills – engineering, project management, design. I’ve also had some opportunities to manage. Three times in my career, I’ve managed groups of engineers, project managers, creatives, installers and administrative people. As a manager and partner in several companies, I got to spend time developing and implementing strategy. I’m blessed – I’ve enjoyed all of it.

Because I’ve done some startups, I have also found myself doing marketing work. I’ve run marketing for two national companies, one a startup that went national, and another an established company on it’s way to that mysterious “next level”. For a while, I was a partner in an ad agency. I’ve also consulted with several companies, domestic and international on their marketing. Again, good work, with good people that I have thrived and loved doing.

I am a poet. I write magazine articles. I have many years experience doing architectural and historical photography, and am particularly good at capturing technical spaces on camera. I am a painter in watercolor and oils. Oh, and I preach at a small Methodist Church in Southwest Vermont.

A lot of different things. I wish I could say there was some master plan in it all, but there hasn’t been. I’ve had opportunities to do things I love and I’ve done them. Generally, pretty well. And I’ve learned some lessons.

At first the lessons were about the individual things I did. I am always learning technology, studying and learning management, studying and learning the crafts I work in. I love that kind of learning. But do a lot of different things over time and you learn a different kind of lesson.

You learn what all these different things have in common.

There are, I have learned, commonalities in approach, philosophies and seeing that have allowed me to do well in all these different things. And those commonalities are core things, far more important than the task of the day, because they are the things that define us at our core. And if our core is in alignment with our work and life, then it’s a pretty good place to be. We succeed, yes. But we succeed and find joy and power in our work because we’re not fighting against who we are. When philosophies and what we do are lined up, life and work succeed wildly, and with joy.

I’ve had the chance to build businesses that way, and to consult with others to help them do the same, sharing some of the core lessons that have worked for me and for the companies I have served for many years. I don’t claim to have all the answers by any means. But I do have the questions. I know the roadblocks and how to help both companies and individuals find their way through them. This is what I do as a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Consultant, Teacher and Speaker.

I hope you get something from my essays. And if you ever want to move beyond where you are, I’d love to talk to you. Everything great starts with a conversation.

Take care, Travel Wisely.

Tom Atkins



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